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Google Ads Mistakes To Avoid

Prior to running Google Ads for your business, it’s important to understand common mistakes in the paid space. Being able to identify the right/wrong levers and make changes will save you both time and money in the long run. Limitless is here to help you avoid four of the most common Google Ads mistakes before you launch your campaigns.

Using Incorrect or No Conversion Actions

Ensure that you have proper tracking in place in order to apply conversions as goals to drive your campaign’s performance. Try to choose concrete and important goals, aka "hard conversions," that lead to business success. Use conversions like "add to cart" or "purchase" instead of "page view."

Auto-Applying Recommendations

Keeping “auto-apply” off is important, as the system doesn't know that every recommendation will benefit your particular business. Create a review schedule so you can apply ones that make sense and dismiss those that do not within the recommendations tab.

Only Using Broad Match Keywords

Broad match keywords often do exactly as they sound: reach a broad audience. For smaller businesses and those that want to be more strategic with spend, utilizing phrase match or exact match is important. This will allow you to hone in on exactly who you are trying to target and see the best ROI.

Underfunding Your Campaigns

Prioritize your campaigns within the account and focus a majority of your allocated budget to the top performing and/or most important ones. If you must choose, it is best to have one great campaign with a majority of the budget versus a few small campaigns that will underperform.

All four of these mistakes are easily made, but also easily avoidable. Keep these in mind as you launch your Google campaigns and see better results and ROI. Still feel uncertain about running Google Ads on your own? You can always reach us via our Contact Us page!

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