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Questions With The CEO

In honor of this year's American Business Women’s Day, we wanted to highlight our female-founded & owned business, Limitless. Limitless’ CEO, Madison Nirenstein, launched Limitless Marketing Management two years ago after working at Google, where she specialized in paid ads. Outside of work, Nirenstein is an accomplished equestrian, and travels all over the country to compete. As a double major in Biopsychology, Cognition, & Neuroscience and Political Science at the University of Michigan, Nirenstein took her understanding of the mechanisms of the human brain and applied it to marketing.

When asked about her motivation for starting Limitless, she responded, “Professionally, I started Limitless because I noticed a gap in the Industry for comprehensive digital marketing agencies. While working at Google, the biggest complaints from businesses working with agencies were: a lack of clarity in explanations, limited support, and a one-size-fits approach that simply did not fit their business. I knew I could come in, truly understand a business and its values, and determine areas for growth in all aspects of their marketing strategy - SEO, SEM, & social media. Personally, I started Limitless because it felt like the next best step in my career. I didn’t want to be “boxed” in by the glass ceiling of the corporate world and felt I could grow my own company at an exponential rate. Luckily, this proved true for me. While I learned valuable information from my job at Google and wouldn’t trade it for the world, starting my own business certainly has been the right choice for me!”

When asked about her experience as a Google employee, Madison noted, “I loved the people I worked with at Google. My mentor ended up being one of my closest friends. It is true that you will run across some of the brightest minds you will ever meet at any of the Google campuses. My job at Google gave me specialized skills in the paid ads space that are otherwise unattainable. While yes, you can absolutely get certified in Google Ads, nothing beats the real deal.”

Nirenstein went on to speak about why she named her business, Limitless. “When choosing the name, I wanted something that symbolized endless possibilities and growth. I still have the piece of paper with all of my written notes (very old school) with name ideas. The other barrier was finding a name no one else had. My original goal was for the company name to just be “Limitless,” or “Limitless Marketing” but I settled on “Limitless Marketing Management” in order to differentiate. And, luckily, the name makes it clear what we offer!”

The Limitless team is so proud of Madison and all of her hard earned accomplishments. She created a rapidly growing business within a year from the ground up - a difficult feat for anyone. In May of 2022 Limitless achieved Google Partner Status and continues to advise successful well-known businesses on paid strategy. Madison is also an accomplished equestrian, earning an AQHA World Champion title and multiple NSBA World Championship titles. The future is bright for Limitless.

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